Sexual Harassment For Guys…

A lot of guys have a hard time understanding what the big deal is with “sexual harassment”. It’s okay, it’s not their fault, it’s not something they have to go through (though on the rare occasion that they do, their reaction is extraordinarily violent, often killing the aggressor). So if you’re a guy, try to think about it this way:

You start a new job. You like the job, it’s at a game company or a brokerage firm—there’s good money, you like the people—and frankly, you need it. It’s a rough economy, you’ve been having troubles making ends meet—maybe you’ve got a family to feed.

Your new boss likes you. I mean really likes you. In fact, the boss keeps making sexual innuendos about your butt, your hair, your junk—even what positions you like to have sex in. Sometimes these innuendos are in public and they’re humiliating. You ask your boss to stop, but all you get is the “oh, it doesn’t mean anything, I do it with everyone” routine, or “gee, I didn’t realize you were so sensitive. You need to be a team player to stay on here.” You’re most DEFINITELY not attracted to your boss, who keeps finding ways to brush up against you, “accidentally” touch your leg or your chest, and schedules meetings with just the two of you alone in a room. Nobody else sees this, nobody else believes you—your boss is happily married with kids, a respectable CEO, would never do it. But you know it’s happening.

And he’s bigger and stronger than you. A lot stronger

He moves in close to you, his body blocking you from running. He likes to get his face intimately close to yours. It literally makes you want to vomit, you go home wanting to scrub yourself clean with Comet every night when he puts his hand on your thigh. But if you’re fired, if you quit, he’ll give you a bad performance record, kill your references, and tell everyone what a bad employee you were (and with his reputation, they’ll believe him), not to mention you won’t be able to pay rent.
What do you do?

THAT is sexual harassment. It’s a crime, as well it should be.

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Terence Meehan
7 years ago

Very well written and stated.

Jackie Coelho
7 years ago

Powerful. It made me want to howl both sadness and anger