Dinner With Romney

Mitt ol’ boy, a few thoughts…

1) You’re right. In this country, people aren’t entitled to food, water, medical services or shelter. And as an American, you should be as ashamed of that as I am.

2) If you’re trying to reduce the deficit and not foster the image of America as imperialistic, leaving 20,000 foreign troops based in Iraq might not be the way to do it.

3) Ayn Rand hated moochers, and that included sons who inherited from their fathers. Will you be giving your sons their inheritance by check or cash?

4) Good for you for turning away your father’s inheritance. But why didn’t you turn away the private education he gave you that put you in the top 1% for earnings potential?

5) You’re right, Mitt, we shouldn’t be unionized. Get rid of corporate influence in politics, and I’ll get rid of those unions for you.

6) I agree that we need to do something about illegal immigration. But before you make sweeping generalizations about it, I think you should ask Native Americans about their views on immigrants coming to this country and taking things that don’t belong to them.

7) Since whites will, within 2 years, no longer be the majority race in this country, yes, it might be easier to win the White House if you were born a Latino. Would have been harder for your dad to get you into Harvard, though.

8) Yes, working conditions in China are far harsher than here. Are you saying that means we can’t do better?

9) In America, 95% of your life is handed to you? You attended Cranbrook High School, and they don’t just hand out an education there to anyone who walks in the door. If you think you can get that kind of education anywhere in the country, or that it doesn’t make a huge difference in your life, send your kids to Albany High School in Georgia.

10) Getting a top level, private education handed to you by nature of the family you were born into, and putting that education to work for you on Wall Street is not “earning money the old fashioned way”.



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