I feel like I’m in writer’s rehab.

stephen_king_drinkingAfter a few kicks to the teeth on my writing, I’m trying to get back on the saddle again. But rather than go for those projects that really challenge me, just trying to keep it simple. I’ve resurrected some old essays from ten years ago (literally, Jan-Sep of 2009)—not even essays, mostly notes—I made on B&C of writing. I’d like to get more serious about the workshop, so I put those up, but I never edited them, so now it’s just about going through them, cleaning up the pieces. If I can do that, maybe I can write a new essay, then maybe get on to the big stuff. Just taking it slow. Been quite unproductive for a while now…. One day at a time, 10 minutes a day… The basics.

I’ve got a working relationship with Jill Marsel again, and that’s pleasing. Had a Bulgarian publisher want to take The Water Thief (and Sin Eater, which at present begs a whole host of issues–probably insurmountable). So there are a few successes I need to remember. Need to keep my head out of half-empty kind of thinking, but it’s been a lot of work for the last few years, and most of it… can’t do anything with. It’s not a loss, really, you get better even if you’ve no product (something I have to remind myself when I accidentally delete a critical file. It’s not a loss, because even with nothing to show for my work, I’m better than I was before I wrote it). But it’s a challenge.

One day at a time, one day at a time (when did all my writing slogans become mottos from AA? Writers and drunks have a lot in common, I think…)

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N Lamar Soutter
8 years ago

To be clearer…. I’m more like in Physical Therapy rehab…. Trying to recover from old wounds and strengthen my muscles to playing form…. Still, it’s rehab…